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Arotek Solar Lights 8 LED Spotlight Outdoor Waterproof Bright with Motion Sensor Auto ON/OFF Night Wall Lamp for Driveway Stairs Pool Area Tree Patio Deck Yard Garden-4 Pack

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1 Pack $13.99 4 Pack $45.99

    1, ULTRA INTELLIGENT MOTION SENSOR: The solar LED motion activated light can detect any moving objects within 5 m/16 inch; it will last for 15 seconds. If no further action is detected, it will turn into dim bright mode. Lighting will only be opened at night, always closed during the day. According to the environment, the solar power light will change its brightness automatically.

    2, EFFICIENT SOLAR PANEL: With a 0.8W solar panel and a smart booster system, the solar light can be fully charged within 7 hours in normal daylight condition; it last lighting up all night long even if charged under cloudy day.

    3, POWERFUL BATTERY CAPACITY: Built-in 1200mAh Rechargeable battery, Arotek solar LED Light can keep light up to 12 hours after fully charged during daytime; do not worry about rainy days.

    4, WATERPROOF: IP64 waterproof design, without worrying about hot summer or heavy rain.

    5, EASY TO INSTALL: Without wiring or string, just mount the solar light on the wall with the plug and tapping screw supplied. Used for security night lighting in your patio yard home garden stairs, driveway pathway or other outside wall tree steel glass.

    6, WARRANTY: 30-day unconditional refund guarantee and 1-year warranty

Product Description

Size Name: 4 Pack

Eco-Friendly Solar Light

Solar Powered automatically, latest energy technology, efficiently and environmentally

Strong Motion Sensor Light

With Powerful motion sensor and ray sensor, Solar light can detect object motion within 5m (5.5 yard) up to 120 degrees.

Smart Auto Brightness Control

Solar Light brightness adapts to the environment automatically, which means brightness becomes brighter when the environment is getting darker. In dark night, the light keeps dim brightness mode; however, if someone comes, it will turn into brighter and keep the high brightness mode for 15s until it returns to dim light again.

Package Include:

4 x Solar Light 
8 x Wall Plug & Tapping Screw Pack 
4 x key pin 
4 x User Manual 


Battery: 1200mAh 18650 battery, 4.44WH 
Power: 4500K-6000K 
Quantity: 32 LEDs 
Charging Time: 7H 
Light Sensor: <10lux 
Lighting Mode: off/dim/High 
Switch: Auto (identify day or night & change lighting mode) 
Size: 164 x 97 x 6 mm 
Weight: 716 g / 25.25 oz 

1, Please activate the unit with the supplied key pin, insert and click "on/off "switch hole ,as the built-in battery is switched off by default for shipment safety. 
2, Please install the unit face south and make sure the solar panel can get the sunlight directly without any obstacle such as shelter, tree or glass. 
3, Please charge the solar product by placing it under direct sunlight for about 7 hours before first time using. 
4, If the battery is exhausted, the light will be flashing, please recharge before normal use. 

Customer Reviews

Save electric bill. Works well at night even when it rains during the day. Bright and dim mode.

 By King of Minions on August 28, 2016

This light has 8 LEDs so it's quite bright. You can see the attached photos for bright mode when motion is detected and dim mode when no further movement is detected. I think this dim mode is pretty good. It's always on but not too bright but I can always see outside because of this dim mode and I really like it. When it's full bright, it is bright enough that I can't and don't want to look at the LEDs directly. 

I installed this solar light on my balcony so I can enjoy the night on my balcony and can still see things. I also like the color of the light - it is white-ish blue-ish (I am not sure if you can tell from the photos). It also charges well and works fine at night even when it rains during the day. And the best of all, it uses solar power so it saves your electric bill! Overall, I am very satisfied with this solar light. Highly recommended.

Wow I'm impressed

 By Sandra Eon August 29, 2016

There are no excuses anymore to not having an out side light. These are great to have and works even when the electricity goes out and I live in the pacific northwest so the electricity goes out a lot by trees falling. This keeps your house safe and out of the darkness so even when you don't have electricity you can tell if someone is outside or if you have to go outside to check things. Its so easy to install anyone can do it. I noticed how light it is in weight but its not a light weight in the light it puts out. They give you a key or pin to push a button next to the motion detector to turn the unit off and on for storage. Nice product works well and I have other lights like this and we do get enough sun even in the winter to keep this going when needed. It only come on with motion and not on all the time.

great output for the size and price of this light…

 By Machelleon August 29, 2016

Over the years I’ve bought many solar lights, from camping lanterns, to flashlights to walkway/garden lights, and one thing I have learned is that there is a HUGE difference in quality and brightness from light to light, and manufacturer to manufacturer. I’ve learned sometimes the less expensive lights outperform the more expensive ones, and sometimes paying more doesn’t guarantee you a better performing light. Unfortunately, you can’t really test a solar light out before buying it, so you just have to hope for the best. I’ve been disappointed so many times that now I’m a little fearful to invest in anything solar. 

When I got this light, I was a little concerned about the light weight--it doesn’t weigh very much! The design is very simple. Just a solar panel that is about the size of a business card, a motion sensor and the LED panel. It’s designed to hang on the wall, and collect sunlight from above, with the light being directed downward and outward. I’d never seen an LED panel that looked like this one (see photo), so I was thinking this light would probably be another disappointment. I opened the box in the afternoon, and although the instructions say the light needs a full 8 hours of sunlight to charge, I went ahead and set the light outside to charge it with the 4-5 hours of remaining sunlight. As soon as it was dark, we brought the light in to test it out. And man was I surprised! This light put out more light than I ever thought it would! I’m very pleased. This will be perfect to hang on an outdoor entryway, such as a garage door or patio door. It’s bright enough (lit up my entire bedroom much like a lantern would) that I am thinking of getting another one as an emergency preparedness light, to use in case of power outage or while camping. This would make a great tent light...charge it during the day and bring into the tent at night. 

Things to be aware of: if permanently mounted outdoors, must be placed where it can be exposed to unobstructed sunlight for 5-8 hours a day, and if placing up next to an entryway or something where it is going above your head or at a distance, you’ll have to play with the motion sensor, and adjust the position so the motion sensor isn’t too far away. It loses accuracy the further away it is from the motion it will be trying to detect. 5-6 feet is about tops. All in all, a great little light...I plan on picking up another one. 

Bright light and very convenient

 By Peonaire on August 24, 2016

This solar light is very bright! I keep this in my patio to light up at night so I can see what is going on so i won't bump into things. This light is perfect for that and it comes with everything I need to use it! 

The light has a solar panel at the top to collect solar energy and it will use that energy to power the very bright white light that will come on at night. When it is bright enough outside, the light will just be off and store the energy from the sun. When it is dark enough, the light will turn on and shine through the night. It also has a cool motion sensor so it is not as bright when there is no motion. If it detechs something is in front of it and movement, it will get brighter. It therefore conserves energy for when it is really needed. 

THe solar panel is very effective and it will store up to 7 hours of sunlight and the light will last all day. It will charge even if the sun isn't very bright and there is shade or if there are clouds. The light is waterproof so it will not break if you spray water on it when you water plants. 

The light comes with two and a pin to poke the on button initially. The screws can be use to secure the light on the wall. I am very happy with this product! Sample provided for evaluation.

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