1. How many series do our Christmas laser lights cover? And what are they?

Currently we have three series of Christmas laser lights: Halo, Mirage and Aurora.

2. What are differences between the three?
Halo Mirage Aurora
Material Die Casting Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Cable Length 1.4m 1.4m 4.5m
Light Color RG, RB, BG RG, RB, BG RG, RB, BG, RGB, RGBS
Lights Head Non-Cylinder Cylinder Cylinder
Anti-Theft Bad Better with Upgrade Stake Better with Upgrade Stake(Except for RGB & RGBS)
Static/ Flashing Yes Yes Yes
Moving No No Yes
3. What colors do we offer?

We offer dual mixed color combinations of Red + Green, Blue + Green and Red + Blue. Also we offer RGB version.

4. Why there is no light coming from the unit?

A. Check to make sure the remote control is on and working within operation range.

B. Check to make sure electrical connection is ok.

C. Check to make sure operation temperature is within -20 ℃ to 36 ℃ (-4℉ to 95℉)

5. What outdoors temperatures can our laser projectors handle?

Our laser projectors are built to operate in outdoor temperatures within -20 ℃ to 36 ℃ (-4℉ to 95℉). At or below freezing temperature, the laser light may take several minutes to warm up and reach its full luminosity.

6. Why green dots are much brighter than red ones?

Green is the most easily recognized color by the human eye. Red colored lasers have a longer wavelength, meaning there is less energy transferred at one time so it will appear dimmer with less dots even when operated at the same output power level of other colors. Whereas, the color green has a shorter and faster wavelength so it transfers energy more frequently, so it appears brighter with a more concentration of dots.

7. Are our lasers waterproof?

Yes, all our lasers hosings are IP65 rated and are 100% sealed and waterproof. However, they cannot be submerged under water. Also, the connection between the power adapter and wall outlet is not protected and water and/or snow can seep in causing the power adapter to short out and fail. Therefore, we recommend you to use extra tools for further security, "waterproof extension cord safety case" is a great idea.

8. What are differences between ABS & metal materials?

Metal materials are much more durable and offer better weather proof protection. Furthermore, metal has much better heat dissipation attributes than ABS materials. You know, laser sends out massive heat while working, which will greatly reduce light effect if not handled properly.

9. Do our laser lights affect airplanes or flight paths?

While out laser lights are safe for everyday use, they are still light lasers and will keep on projecting in any direction you aim the product at. Please note that any our product, if being used outside, should not be projected any higher than 45 degrees as to ensure the laser does not interfere with any air traffic.

10. What can I do to help prevent theft of my laser lights?

NOTICE: All theft prevention tips are suggestions for your general information. We will not be held liable for any theft or damages of any kind to our products. Your use of this information is to be used at your own risk. The contents of this page are subject to change without notice.


Plants or foliage around your projector will help deter theft as the projector will be hidden and a potential thief may not be able to see where the light is projecting from.

-Removing the head of the projector every night:

Simply unscrewing the projector head from the metal stake and bringing the head of indoors every night will lessen the possibility of theft.

-Adding a cable to a metal or rebar stake that can be driven into the ground deep:

Purchasing a rebar stake and burying it deep into the ground can help deter potential theft activity. Simply drill a hole at the top of the rebar and loop a wire cable through the hole of the rebar as well as tightly around the neck of the projector fixture. Bury the rebar deep into the ground.

11. Does the laser light have a timer?

Yes, it supports 2, 4, 6, 8 hours timer presets. But be noted that the timer function doesn't work for power on. You can preset power off only.

12. Can they only be used for Christmas lighting?

No. Many of our customers use our laser projectors for year round landscape lighting. Sporting events to show their team pride as well as other holidays beyond Christmas such as St Patricks Day, Valantines Day and the Fourth of July! They also look beautiful in wedding ceremonies.

13. What is the life expectancy of our lasers?

When used properly as per our instructions, our lasers will last over 8,000 hours.

14. Are the lasers dangerous?

Yes, our laser lights are less than 5Mw. Standard red laser pointer available at pet stores and dollar stores are rated at 4-5mW and are considered "ultra-low output" and safe.

15. What's coverage area of a single projector?

Generally speaking, it's 14-25ft x 14-25ft at 10ft distance. The closer to your target, the denser the light cluster will appear – great for targeting focal points you want to highlight in the landscape. As you increase the distance between the projector and a broader target point the cluster of lights will expand but the INTENSITY of the lights never diminishes. So it's always good to experiment with distance and angle of the projector before staking it in the ground and tightening the head into the position you like best.

16. At the same power rate, why green beam can be seen and red one can't while red beam travel further than green one?

At certain distance, shorter the wavelength, greater the power losses, that's why green beam is much visible than red ones. And the green beam is much easier to be absorbed by dust particles or mist droplets in the air, more absorption, more refraction and so much brighter the beam is. On the other hand, more absorption, more power lose, so at the same power rate, red beams travel further than green ones.

17. At low temperature, laser needs preheating, why?

Crystal is composed of YVO4 and KTP, and YVO4 is very sensitive to temperature. 20°-30°stable working temperature and 20°activation temperature depends it reheating needs. When temperature below 20°, YV04 is hard to activate, lower the temperature, longer it takes.

18. Why laser power will be decreased at high temperature?

Green laser is composed of 808nmLD+crystal with 25°working temperature and 808nm+/-2nm LD wavelength. If temperature is above 25°, LD wavelength becomes shorter, shorter than normal light emitting condition, then the laser power will be decreased. So longer laser works and higher the temperature will result in power decrease.

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